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This 32-hour Wash & Deox course is an introduction to sneaker wash and deox. The process taught in this course is done to preserve the "new" look of the sneakers as the paint cracks over time from wear.

2-hour Pre-Course:

30-hour Onsite Workshop:
The Cobblers Academy, Miami FL

August 2 - August 6

August 30 - September 3

The Instructor

Swar Sahgal

Lifetime Value

Course Certificate

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Wash & Deox

    • Course Introduction with Swar Sahgal

  • 02

    Product and Material Identification

    • Product and Material Identification with Swar Sahgal

    • What We're Washing

    • What Are the Materials Being Washed?

  • 03

    Understanding the Washing Process for Different Materials

    • The Washing Process for Different Materials with Swar Sahgal

    • How are different materials and parts of the sneaker treated?

    • What will We be Doing to the Item?

  • 04

    Knowing Your Products and Equipment

    • Knowing Your Products and Equipment with Swar Sahgal

    • Products

    • Equipment and Tools

  • 05


    • Washing with Swar Sahgal

    • Ready to Wash

  • 06

    Understanding Deoxidation

    • Understanding Deoxidation with Swar Sahgal

    • What is Deoxidation?

    • The Deoxidation Process

  • 07

    Finishing and Inspection

    • Inspection & Touch-ups

    • Register for your Lab Course



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