• Academy Resources

    Through our online platform and small work shops, instructors are able to give individualized attention to every student. That support even extends to financial aid!

  • Earn Quickly

    With access to paying opportunities at The Cobblers Marketplace, students have a huge advantage in earning a living while sharpening their skill sets in The Academy.

  • In-Demand Jobs

    Have a passion? Develop a craft! With support from our network of master artisans, students are prepared with the skills and hands-on training to soon thrive in The Cobblers Marketplace.

No Problem!

Need work after studies?

Professional training through The Cobblers Academy provides countless opportunities to become an expert artisan and soon thrive as your own boss at The Cobblers Marketplace.

Sneaker Rescue


Each Sneaker Rescue course, taught by industry artisan legends, focuses on the construction and design of kicks. This is your chance to level up and get first-hand tips and lessons on all the various career paths of the sneaker world. In this program, you'll be equipped with online modules and hands-on work shops.

Leather Works


A deep curiosity of materials and constructions is key today for leather works artisans. If you wish to produce on a design team of a fashion brand or to start your own craft business, the industry encourages you to have a strong understanding of how shoes and handbags are made. Our Academy is equipped with online modules and hands-on work shops in to immerse our students in the leather works process.



“I never imagined I would build the skills to become an artisan and make money from my passion to design and build footwear.”

Leather Works Graduate

M. Damiano

“The Cobblers Academy is teaching me essential skills to get me on the job faster than traditional 4-year colleges. I have already began apprenticing on the Refinish & Dye team.”


G. Martinez

“After three years of training myself to customize sneakers on Youtube, I decided to take my career to the next level. Grateful for these instructors.”

Sneaker Rescue Student

E. Lehmand

Develop Industry skills to build a successful career.

With no entry requirements, our trade certificates allow you to learn with motivated peers to develop your craft, broaden existing skills, explore a new career path or life pursuit, or start your own business—and build the artisan network that will help you do it.

Learn from the best.

Programs are led by diverse, expert faculty—academics, creative artisans, entrepreneurs and industry leaders—with professional connections to the creative economy.

Access to cutting edge technology and tools

We apply the craft of excellence! Our choice of industry tools, cleaning products, repair materials and thoughtfully selected accessories are unquestionably the finest and most coveted on the market.